First there was darkness ... and then came the blues.
Somewhere in the Mississippi´s delta, one man just started playing the kick, the hi-hat, the guitar and the kazzo, all at once.
Sometimes this old man used to sing.
The one-man band was born.

The, in the 21st century Paulo Furtado became The Legendary Tigerman.
Following the tradition of the old blues-men, this one-man band literally jumped from Coimbra, Portugal to the world.

Well, the Tigerman has the roots but he also combines it with the new technologies - samples, beats, loops, always keeping it real, playing the instruments live.

The consequences of this blend are explosive and brought him exposure in Europe, USA, Brazil and Japan.

Being a one-man band, it´s hard to think of a live show as something that has a lot of stir, but, in fact, it has ! There is something of a punk attitude in the Tigerman shows.  The blues live in the music he plays.  But we always feel like a riot is about to explode and we can´t guess when, such is the tension he brings onstage.

Having played in most of the world, everywhere the world on the street was " there is this guy that plays alot of instruments at the same time, and blends the past with the future like there´s no today in his music ".

At Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, he was given one slot for one show .... at the end of the festival he had played 7 shows on 7 different stages 1

Having released one photography book & remixes album - In Cold Blood (sold out) - and 3 albums since he was born as The Legendary Tigerman - Naked Blues (2001) : Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues (2003) : Masquerade (2006) - all had international distribution.  Masquerade reached the US market through get-Hip Records in November 2008.

The Legendary Tigerman as all about music. But is also about cinema and photography.  The album Masquerade includes an extra DVD with short films directed by the likes of Egar Pera, Paulo Abreu, Rodrigo Areias and Paulo Furtado.
Those short films are projected in teh live shows and give the audience some smooth cinematography through Tigerman´s music, as a soundtrack played in real time.
Being so connected to cinema, the Tigerman loves to face cameras; he got a cameo on renowned directed Werner Schroeter´s film Une Nuit de Chien, which has its premiere at the Venice Festival 2008.
But he´s also into film soundtracks - just finished the OST for Tebas, a film directed by Rodrigo Areias.

Now it´s time for Femina, the 4th album of the The Legendary Tigerman, released in September 2009.
This time, only women are allowed to stop in the Tigerman´s world.
After 3 records where, in an explicit or dissimulated way, women just existed in the songs, the lonesome Legendary Tigerman isn´t alone anymore.
Asia Argento, Peaches, Lisa Kikaula, Becky Lee, Phoebe Killdeer, Cibelle, Maria de Medeiros, RIta Redshoes, Claudia Efe, Mafalda Nascimento and Cais Sodre Cabaret are Femina´s co-owners.
In Femina you won´t find duets as you know them.
Here, two worlds collide and the result is Femina.

then, says mythology, one day the Tigerman met Jean Baptiste Mondino somewhere in a crossroad.
Some shooting happened.
they´ll meet again ...

So, in the end, some mgiht say : FIrst there was darkness ... and then came The Legendary Tigerman.